4-week introduction to Modern Meditation - Chorlton Manchester

Date: 27-Feb-2019


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Learn meditation for the modern world - 4 week course with Mick Timpson

Science now confirms what yogis have known for thousands of years; a consistent daily meditation practice is one of the most important gifts you can give to yourself, others and your community.

Meditation can reduce stress and anxiety. It helps enhance energy, improves sleep, builds mental resilience and clarity.  It eases negative thoughts and emotions and enhances positive ones. Meditation can even optimise your work performance helping to improve focus, creativity and energy.

This is because meditation practice will help you see and act in the world differently.  You access higher states of being expressed through your doing - a deeper consciousness and awareness that is the source of your natural insight, sense of purpose and creativity.  You awake to a new sense of optimism and momentum in your life. You will radiate love, joy, kindness, connectivity and compassion. 

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Join Mick for a unique course introducing the art and science of meditation and how with practice you can reduce stress and anxiety while also building resilience, creativity and wellbeing. Week-by-week, Mick will will gently guide you towards knowing how to stop and relax purposefully, guide your attention and manage your mind towards a knowing a deeper insight and conscious awareness.

Suitable for all levels. Limited to just 10 places!

What will I learn?

Combining current research with timeless wisdom, Mick teaches how you can develop the insight gained in meditation into something that's built into your daily life.

The course touches on:

How to stop, let go and be still

How to be present and centred

Simple techniques for getting started and maintaining regular practice

Posture, attitude and what meditation is and isn't

Dealing with a busy wandering mind

Letting go of I, Me and Mine

The connection between mind and body

Directing and holding attention

Building awareness and non-attachment

Breaking free of your inner critic

The nature of flow and how to apply meditation into what you do. 

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27 February, 6 March,  13 March,  20 March 

7.00 - 8.15pm

£50.00 (£40.00 concessions)


8 Chandos Road

Chorlton - cum - Hardy

Manchester M21 0ST

Tel: 07808 501765

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